Ireland Chair of Poetry Trust opens call for 2020 Travel Award

Journeys outside of Ireland form an important part of my work, so the Ireland Chair of Poetry Travel Award has been a godsend in supporting my work. With this funding I was able to take up a writer-in-residence position with RaumArs – an artist association in Rauma, Finland, where I worked on my current project, The Lighthouse Journal, in an apartment in the old wooden centre of the town. But the story really begins in Cherbourg, France, where I arrived by boat – and from there, set off – by bicycle – for Finland.

Laurence O’Dwyer (2019 Travel Award Recipient)

The Ireland Chair of Poetry Trust is delighted to open the call for submissions to the 2020 Ireland Chair of Poetry Travel Award.

The Travel Award was established in order to assist poets in their creative development and specifically to help realise a project requiring travel within or outside Ireland and offers an award of £2,000 in order to do this.

The Trust hopes that this award will offer a poet an opportunity to step outside his or her everyday space and work on a project that will benefit their professional development.

Application guidelines and award criteria are available here.

Applications will be accepted via email, and within the appropriate application form only. To access the application form please click here.

The deadline for applications is 5.30pm on Friday 28th February 2020.

All submissions and queries can be addressed via email to